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20 Essential Sci-Fi Books & Series

I’ve always loved sci-fi movies and television, but for whatever reason my reading habits have been drastically skewed towards fantasy for most of my life. However, since making the move from Columbus to San Diego I’ve been reading a ton of science fiction. I guess the drastic shift in location has inspired me to shift my reading interests as well (at least temporarily). The list below is comprised of the books and series I’ve been most impressed with since diving head long into my current sci-fi binge. Of course there are going to be a lot of great books...

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9 Fun Urban Fantasy Books & Series

When it comes to fiction I’m an enormous fan of just about anything magic related. I grew up reading a lot of high fantasy which typically takes place in a time period associated with the past, if not always our own world’s past. And like many lovers of fantasy I’ve often imagined how cool it would be if magic were around today – in the real world. Unfortunately, that will never happen; life spoiler: magic isn’t real. But urban fantasy is real and it explores the notion of epic fantasy style magic (and more) running wild in modern times....

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12 Children’s Stories Adults Will Love Too

Even as an adult, I still find that many of my favorite stories are children’s stories. Maybe it’s because I got in more than my fair share of trouble as a child, but there’s always been something endearing to me about a precocious kid (or kids) who find themselves having improbable adventures. In this list of children’s stories adults will love too I’ve included tales that involve the magical, the scary, the unlikely, the hilarious, and even the seemingly mundane that make up what I believe to be some of the best reads in this category. 12 Children’s Stories...

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7 Essential Fantasy Series

I should be honest with you: I’m a huge fan of the fantasy genre. The Hobbit was the first real novel I read as a kid and ever since I’ve been on a steady reader’s diet of magic and adventure. Which is why a list of essential fantasy series makes perfect sense as my first official reading list. The series I chose are a combination of well-known and established “fantasy pillars” and exciting new additions to the genre. I avoided children’s books (with the exception of The Hobbit) and I limited myself to epic fantasy as opposed to other...

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