Nathan B. Weller

Hi, I’m Nathan. I believe in the inherent value of learning. I use this site to catalog and share what I’ve learned, process what I’m experiencing, and build community around all of the above.

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About My Blog

I use my blog and social content channels to share what I’m doing, what I’ve learned, and the things I’m interested in (including the projects I’m working on).

About my Podcast

On my podcast (coming soon) I explore stories in ways that (I hope) highlight their value as a lens to view oneself, others, and the world more clearly.

About My Courses

With my courses (coming soon) I try to crystalize my knowledge on subjects I’ve specialized in, both as a means of passing that knowledge on and of deepening my own understanding of the subject.

About My Products & Services

In my shop (coming soon) and through my services I try to package things of unique value that I can offer others.