Active Projects

  • Phase 1 – Drupal to WordPress Migration 100% 100%
  • Phase 2 – MVP Re-Launch 100% 100%
  • Phase 3 – Performance Optimization 70% 70%
  • Phase 4 – Documentation 10% 10%
  • Phase 5 – Content Strategy Overhaul 0% 0%
  • Phase 6 – User Journey Mapping & Refinement 0% 0%
  • Phase 7 – Volunteer Recruitment & Training 0% 0%

Due to my membership in the Humanist Community of Central Ohio, service on the Board, and chairmanship of the web committee, I decided it was well worth my time, money, and energy to completely overhaul the organization’s website (and web presence in general).

So far this has meant migrating the website from Drupal to WordPress, re-designing and re-launching the site, and adding tools/functionality that help us better onboard and manage our community members.

As of this writing, I’m in the middle of optimizing the site’s performance. After that is complete I will begin working on documenting what I’ve done and how to use the site. Once those basic docs are created and ready to use we’ll start driving traffic through new content to see how well the site works and where it can be improved. Finally, I will refine the website based on the new data and recruit/train members of the community to keep the website running optimally.

Upcoming Projects

A Year of Dignity

As I’ve learned more about one of my core values, Dignity, I’ve decided it would be a good exercise in personal growth to commit a full year to reading and writing about Dignity. 2020 will be: A Year of Dignity.

Tree of Life Workshop

One of the most popular posts on my blog is called The Tree of Life: A Simple Exercise for Reclaiming Your Identity and Direction in Life Through Story. This post has been helpful to so many people that I’d like to create a recorded workshop folks can use themselves or share with others.

Become a Humanist Chaplain and Celebrant

When my wife and I got married we couldn’t find many non-religious options for our ceremony. In the end I ended up writing our ceremony from scratch and we asked a friend from our local Humanist Community to perform the ceremony. I’d like to become a Humanist Celebrant and Chaplain to give people secular options when it comes to important milestones in their lives.

Wheel of Time Read-Through

With the upcoming Wheel of Time television series by Amazon barreling down on us, I thought this would be a great time to do a read-through of the series.

eCourse: Mythic Structure for Modern Storytellers

Narrative structure and mythology are two of my biggest passions. And what’s more, I get to use them for practical purposes almost every day at work as a content marketer. I’d like to write up an ecourse that explains what mythic structure is and how it can be used in any industry where narratives are used. From the obvious–creative writing and marketing–to less obvious examples like experience design, event planning, and more.

Completed Projects

  • Phase 1 – Home Page 100% 100%
  • Phase 2 – About Page 100% 100%
  • Phase 3 – Commissions Page 100% 100%
  • Phase 4 – Content Marketing Strategy 100% 100%
  • Phase 5 – Partnership Marketing Strategy 100% 100%
  • Phase 6 – Giveaway Marketing Strategy 100% 100%

My wife, Karla Norquist, is a fantastic oil painter. It’s been her dream for a good portion of her life to make a living painting full-time. So of course I couldn’t be happier to help her do just that.

Our whole approach to her web presence is minimalist. Aside from her paintings, Karla is not a content creator like me. She didn’t want a big blog to manage or website maintenance tasks to constantly deal with.

My solution was to borrow from some research I did a few years back on how to create artist portfolio websites with Divi. You can read part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5 on the Elegant Themes blog if you’re so inclined.

Her website consists of three main pages–Portfolio, About, and Commissions. Her portfolio entries are extremely simple. The painting itself and a few lines on medium, materials, and the painting’s subject/client.

In terms of content marketing the plan is likewise simple. Identify the ten most relevant keywords for her business and write high-quality, long-form, evergreen articles on those topics. Ideally we will only need to update them occasionally while benefiting year round from their search rankings.

 While we’re putting together that essential content, we still wanted to be able to actively drum up enough business to keep Karla busy with commissions this year. For that, we’ve decided to partner with local doggie daycare centers and animal shelters with either discounts for their customers, affiliate commissions for sales generated, or portions of each painting going to raise money for their non-profit.

As of this writing we have one partnership agreed to but we’re still creating the print materials to leave at the doggie daycare.

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