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Frequently Asked Questions

I loved your article on [insert topic] and I'd like to reference it. Is that ok?

¬†Absolutely! I blog to share what I’ve learned with others and if it’s useful enough to you that you’d like to share it with even more people in an article/class/workshop/etc., then that’s great!

All I ask is that you cite me and my website for my own original content and the original source(s) for everything else you find here.

For example: there is no need to cite me if you want to use The Tree of Life Exercise since in my article I cited the original source. In that case please cite the original source as well.

Can I hire to you to write for my blog?

Unfortunately, no. I no longer do blogging for others. I have a full-time job as the content manager at Elegant Themes where I create content strategy and manage a team of content creators. I also do a lot of blogging for personal projects. After all that, I’m just not interested in doing any more blogging for others. Thanks for thinking of me though!

Will you recommend some bloggers to write for me?

Possibly. In my professional capacity I specialize in WordPress, Web Design, Business, and Marketing topics. If you’re looking for a blogging service to help you create content in these areas drop me a note using the contact form above and I’ll let you know what I’m using.

Why a blogging service?

To be honest, if I know a blogger who is talented in those categories and they’re not already attached to a content agency of some kind then I’m more likely to hire them myself than to recommend them out!

Are you available for interviews?

In theory, yes! My schedule can get pretty crazy depending on the time of year. But if you’re interested in interviewing me for your blog, podcast, etc. then drop me a line via the contact form above and we’ll see if we can figure out a time to chat.

What is Black Cat Digital Publishing?

You may have noticed in the footer of my site that its content is the copyright of Black Cat Digital Publishing, LLC. This is the legal entity I created to do business under. 

Get in Touch

If the FAQ’s did not answer your question, please use this form to get in touch and I will contact you within 24 hours.

Please note: this is not the place to contact me about Elegant Themes business. We have an established contact channel for that already and my work email is nathan[at] Messages about ET business sent via this form will be marked as spam and ignored.

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