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Storytelling Advice from the Creators of South Park: The But & Therefore Rule

I look for storytelling advice and wisdom anywhere I can find it. What can I say? I’m utterly fascinated with the human response to stories as well as the human compulsion to create them. In this case, the advice is coming from the legendary creators of the now classic animated comedy┬áSouth Park. The advice is given in what looks like a college class that the co-creators have been invited to visit (there’s not a lot of context). It centers around a problem that many writers have. Namely, a boring story. A story that lacks a sense of cause and...

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How-to: Create Characters That Drive Plot

The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lejos Egri has been a favorite resource of mine for several years. While it is specifically written for playwrights, it’s easy to take the principles taught and apply them to any type of dramatic writing. Egri’s approach to writing is strict and scientific. He believes that a good story should begin with a clear premise; a single sentence forming a thumbnail synopsis of the entire piece. This super specific “story goal” is then achieved by carefully crafting characters that when brought together under the right circumstances, will naturally drive the story forward from...

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