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The Humanist Community Website
Due to my membership of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio, service on the Board, and chairmanship of the web committee, I decided it was well worth my time, money, and energy to completely overhaul the organization’s website (and web presence in general).

So far this has meant migrating the website from Drupal to WordPress, re-designing and re-launching the site,  and adding tools/functionality that help us better onboard and manage our community members.

  • Phase 1 – Drupal to WordPress migration 100%
  • Phase 2 – MVP Re-launch 100%
  • Phase 3 – Performance Optimization 100%
  • phase 4 – Documentation 20%
  • Phase 5 – Content Strategy Overhaul 0%
  • Phase 6 – User Journey Mapping & Refinement 0%
  • Phase 7 – Recruitment and Training 0%

As of this writing, I’m in the middle of optimizing the site’s performance. After that is complete I will begin working on documenting what I’ve done and how to use the site. Once those basic docs are created and ready to use we’ll start driving traffic through new content to see how well the site works and where it can be improved. Finally, I will refine the website based on the new data and recruite/train members of the community to keep the website running optimally.

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