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About Nathan B. Weller


Nathan B. Weller

For the last five years I’ve been working as a freelance blogger and content consultant for websites ranging in topic from Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, UX/UI, Freelancing, and (most prominently) WordPress.

Prior to that I helped write, produce, and direct anything from short films to web series to promotional videos and even live stadium events–all while working for the new media studio 5 Stones Productions.

The common thread connecting all of my professional experiences is a firm belief in the power of stories and their essential role in human life.

It is in living out that belief, at the intersection of digital publishing and the study of story craft, that I hope to empower a new era of storytelling. One that builds upon mankind’s rich tradition of story formats and mediums, but that embraces new and emerging technology as well.

It is my mission to positively influence the future of storytelling by creating a body of work founded on time tested principles and a study of their use throughout the history of human beings on earth.

If that’s something you’re interested in then I hope you choose to stick around by subscribing and visiting often. But if you feel as strongly about the future of storytelling as I do, then I’d love to have you join me on this epic quest.

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My Websites & How They Work Together


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This blog is a celebration of great storytelling, an exploration of the craft and a series of lessons learned along the way.

Formerly a visual arts curation blog, I am now in the process of re-launching The Astonishing Post as an ongoing, crowd funded platform for innovative storytelling. More news on this project very soon!

Whereas and are meant to be highly crafted, my tumblr is anything but. Off-the-cuff, raw, full of random thoughts and inspiration describe it best. If you’re into that kind of thing–which I hope you are!–you can check it out by clicking here.

Black Cat Digital Publishing, L.L.C.

I created Black Cat in 2012 as a vehicle for my vision of the future of storytelling. A future where stories are recognized as essential to human life. Where the study and execution of this uniquely human art is used to communicate with each other more effectively, and in doing so, to draw us closer together.

This company (and especially its brand) is still quite young–but the work we do is unique and impactful. At Black Cat we believe that stories have the power to change the world. It might even be said, that a good story is the only thing that has ever changed the world.

From ancient mythology, to our most celebrated fiction, to every movement or brand that has ever mattered: we know and care about these things because we know and care about their stories. At Black Cat, that interests us. It gets us out of bed in the morning.

As a business owner or representative, it should interest you too! You spend at least eight hours out of every day giving yourself to the mission–the story–of the brand you represent. Which means the best hours of your day, week, year, and life could all change for the better if it is built on the foundation of a good story you are willing and excited to live out.

As storytelling consultants and content marketers we put to use our knowledge of online marketing and the craft of storytelling to help our clients bring to bear the kind of powerful narratives that have built the most impactful (and often profitable) movements and brands the world has ever known.

If you’re interested in finding out what a good story can do for you and your brand, let’s talk! Book a free initial consultation today and I’m confident we can help you tell (and live) a compelling story.

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