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20 Essential Sci-Fi Books & Series

I’ve always loved sci-fi movies and television, but for whatever reason my reading habits have been drastically skewed towards fantasy for most of my life. However, since making the move from Columbus to San Diego I’ve been reading a ton of science fiction. I guess the drastic shift in location has inspired me to shift […]

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Feedly to Replace Google Reader as Best RSS Option

Like many of you the death of Google Reader came as somewhat of a surprise this week, resulting in a mad scramble to hunt down a comprable replacement. In my case, I went with Feedly to replace Google Reader and in this post I’d like to talk about why I think it’s the best option […]

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Interview with Top Blogger Oliver Dale of

Oliver Dale is a UK blogger who runs multiple highly successful WordPress powered blogs. He’s someone I personally work with (as a contributor for his blog and I respect him a great deal. I reached out to Oliver a few weeks back and asked if he would be willing to do an interview for […]

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9 Fun Urban Fantasy Books & Series

When it comes to fiction I’m an enormous fan of just about anything magic related. I grew up reading a lot of high fantasy which typically takes place in a time period associated with the past, if not always our own world’s past. And like many lovers of fantasy I’ve often imagined how cool it […]

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How-to: Write an Introductory E-mail That Gets You Hired

One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s a pretty laid back profession. Besides the fact that the dress code is widely open to interpretation (aka: non-existent) and 99.9% of the jobs you get are completed from the comfort of your own home, the process for getting hired can be extremely quick […]

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Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Years ago I made it a habit to always have a notebook on hand for jotting down ideas. Ideas about anything really, but as a writer I naturally tended to gravitate towards ideas about what I was working on or wanted to work on in the future. I quickly discovered that for anyone paying attention […]

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9 Job Boards Every Blogger Should Be Using (And a Few to Avoid)

It should come as no surprise that there is a constant high demand for quality content online. Businesses, blogs, and blogs as businesses have all discovered that content marketing is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic and generate targeted sales leads. As a result, professional bloggers are needed in abundance. Unfortunately, good […]

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Interview with Top Blogger Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon has been working online since 2000. That’s 13 years of the most tumultuous and rapid development the web has seen thus far. He has created and run a wide variety of websites (beginning before blogging was even a thing) and now he spends his days writing books and blogging for some of the […]

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Self Publishing eBooks: The Free & Easy Way

Getting published has never been as easy as it is today. While it’s true that there’s still a barrier to entry in the print world, for nearly a decade now anyone with a computer and access to the internet has been able to freely publish their work online. Now, it’s just as easy to self […]

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12 Children’s Stories Adults Will Love Too

Even as an adult, I still find that many of my favorite stories are children’s stories. Maybe it’s because I got in more than my fair share of trouble as a child, but there’s always been something endearing to me about a precocious kid (or kids) who find themselves having improbable adventures. In this list […]

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