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Hello! And thank you for considering Black Cat Digital Publishing as a service provider for your project or business.

I created Black Cat in 2012 as a vehicle for my vision of the future of storytelling. A future where stories are recognized as essential to human life. Where the study and execution of this uniquely human art is used to communicate with each other more effectively, and in doing so, to draw us closer together.

This company (and especially its brand) is still quite young, but the work we do is unique and impactful. At Black Cat we believe that stories have the power to change the world. It might even be said, that a good story is the only thing that has ever changed the world.

From ancient mythology, to our most celebrated fiction, to every movement or brand that has ever mattered: we know and care about these things because we know and care about their stories. At Black Cat, that interests us. It gets us out of bed in the morning.

As a business owner or representative, it should interest you too! You spend at least eight hours out of every day giving yourself to the mission–the story–of the brand you represent. Which means the best hours of your day, week, year, and life could all change for the better if it is built on the foundation of a good story you are willing and excited to live out.

As storytelling consultants and content marketers we put to use our knowledge of online marketing and the craft of storytelling to help our clients bring to bear the kind of powerful narratives that have built the most impactful (and often profitable) movements and brands the world has ever known.

If you’re interested in finding out what a good story can do for you and your brand, let’s talk! Book a free initial consultation today and I’m confident we can help you tell (and live) a compelling story.



Nathan B. Weller

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Black Cat Digital Publishing L.L.C.

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Satisfied Clients

Nathan HeerdtNathan has been an important part of our company’s growth and success.  I hired Nathan to help develop our social media initiatives.  He did a fantastic job building our social media presence by writing fantastic content.  Nathan has an uncanny ability to draw members into our communication channels writing interesting and compelling pieces of content.

I highly recommend Nathan for his passion and creative abilities.  His writing stands on its own and will help any organization keep its members engaged.  In my experience, Nathan has always proven to be dependable, hard-working, and committed to helping those he managed reach their goals, as well as achieving the goals that were set out for him.

— Nathan Heerdt, CEO of Go Big Media (2009-2011)

kevin-muldoon-recommendationI have worked with Nathan for many years. He wrote a wide range of articles for me; ranging from technical tutorials on WordPress to design and productivity related topics.

At one point I had over 15 bloggers working for me. Some authors would complete articles very late and it was common for me to have to chase authors for articles to be completed. Nathan was different.

From the first day, Nathan was a joy to work with. His work rate is second to none, always over delivers and always delivers on time. On the few occasions that articles needed to be modified, he was happy to make adjustments, there was never any drama. He always researches each topic thoroughly, which enables him to write on any subject.

I highly recommend Nathan to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable blogger who is reliable, polite and professional. You won’t be disappointed.

— Kevin Muldoon, Founder of & (and a lot more!)

Jessica-Moon-Digital-Telepathy-for-NathanBWeller-ServicesNathan’s extremely passionate with a great amount of determination to get the job done. He’s a visionary who, over a two month period, was able to greatly boost the traffic and engagement on our blog. He’s got a great pulse on the design and WordPress community, and his content creation and strategy has been a great asset to our publishing division.

–Jessica Moon, Digital Telepathy

If we’ve worked together in the past and you’d like to submit a testimonial please feel free to do so via my contact page. Thanks!

How My Process Works

In the Digitoral Era of communication (a digitally empowered version of the oral tradition) only the most compelling ideas survive. But even compelling ideas can be lost in the noise. Not only must we be heard, but our idea or message must be packaged in such a way that it sticks in the minds of our audience and compels them to share our message with others.

Throughout all of human history only one form of expression has spanned every period of time, culture, medium and format to completely dominate the way we contextualize the world around us: Stories.

They are how we learn our history, discover our heritage, and find meaning in our traditions. They are how we tell each other about our day, experience the news, entertain ourselves and even dream.

A well crafted story may just be the most potent form of communication we have at our disposal as human beings. Which is why I’ve created a method that exists at the intersection of great storytelling and content marketing best practices to help brands discover their most compelling and resonant identity and then communicate that to the world in an irresistible way.

Phase 1: Establishing Brand Identity & Crafting Content Strategy

1. Collecting Story Meta Data: This stage begins with our first meeting. The goal of this first phase is for me to get to know you, your brand and the values that fuel your passion. I accomplish this through a series of interviews and questionnaires that I’ve designed for individuals, teams and customers/audiences.

2. Initial Analysis: Now that we have all of this raw data, the initial analysis can begin. In this stage we begin to describe, refine and polish the shared values revealed by the first phase. The end goal of this analysis is to clearly define the values which will inform our stories and imbue them with deep meaning.

3. Story Modeling: By this point we have all of our key characters (founder, brand, customer, etc.), a strong message (values) and a good idea of the themes, symbols and archetypes most likely to resonate with you and your audience. This is the stage where I create a number of story templates/examples for us to collectively narrow down into what we believe to be the most effective vehicles for your brand’s message.

4. Strategy: This is where we clearly define our objectives and the metrics by which we will measure success. I then take our final story choices and create a content strategy designed to achieve the desired objective(s). After this stage you have the option to implement the strategy we’ve come up with or keep me on to head up implementation.

Phase 2: Implementing Story Based Content Strategy

If you choose to have me stay on and implement the strategy, that process will look like this:

1. Initial Launch of Story-Driven Content: Over the timeline that we have chosen–whether that be one month, three months or a year–we begin to rollout the content we’ve concepted and created.

2. Measurement: As each piece of content goes live, we track a wide array of analytics to gauge its impact.

3. Iteration: Based on careful analysis of both our initial plan and the measurement of its implementation, we make informed adjustments to our strategy.

4. Repeat: Launch adjusted content, measure the results, iterate again and repeat (again).

Whether your brand is that of a content website, small business, new media production or something else entirely–this cycle (or process) is the key to steady growth and community engagement.

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Story Based Content Marketing

nathanbweller-freelance-writing-services-topContent marketing is no passing fad. And yet, there is a surprising amount of confusion from content marketers themselves and the brands who hire them about how, exactly, to be successful at it.

Traditional wisdom in the content marketing industry is to lean heavily on platform best practices and to ALWAYS write for Google. Every SEO company in existence has preached this gospel since their inception.

Until recently, that’s how I created content too. But then a certain trend began to surface over and over again.

I had clients calling and emailing, saying things like:

We’re just not getting the same traffic we’re used to. I know you and our whole staff is doing everything we’re supposed to; writing compelling pieces of content, on relevant topics, with seemingly endless optimizations and best practices applied. We simply do not know why we’re plateauing.

As you can imagine, this problem bothered me. So much so, that I dropped everything to find the answer. What I discovered was both troubling and (once pointed out) painfully obvious. The whole industry has been writing for the wrong crowd. We’ve been writing for Google and social media first and then human beings.

It should be precisely the opposite.

That’s why at Black Cat we have made it our primary responsibility to understand the underlying structure and principles of the one type of communication human beings simply cannot get enough of. Yep, you guessed it. Stories.

As a result of this research I’ve created what I believe is a novel approach to content marketing and brand messaging. Get in touch today to see how I can help your brand succeed at the intersection of great storytelling and content marketing best practices.

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New Media Storytelling & Consultation


The web is a great place for storytelling. For the first time in human history, we have an environment that combines all of the mediums that came before it: symbols, images, the written word, video, audio and a whole new back of digital tricks. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is possible in terms of storytelling and the web.

I’ve made it my mission to pursue the boundaries of this intoxicating wilderness of imagination. And every lesson I learn, I make available to you through my consulting service; which can be as hands-on (actively writing, developing, directing, producing, etc.) or as hands-off (advisor only) as you want. Feel free to browse my portfolio and then get in touch. Your story is waiting to be told.

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Legacy Building Websites


Every human being, family, brand, movement or cause has a story. It’s that story–along with the shared values and experiences it represents–that creates the kinds of strong community bonds that make life worth living. Helping to facilitate that process through the design and creation of what I have come to call legacy building websites is one of the most satisfying aspects of my work.

Using years of experience with WordPress, content marketing, community management and professional storytelling I create websites that bring new life, energy and a sense of belonging to communities big or small. From sports teams, to families, to social clubs and more–we can create a website together that not only tells your story so far, but helps you and your team, family, or friends collectively build a tomorrow that you can be proud of.

Feel free to check out my portfolio for existing examples and then click the button below to get in touch.

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Some Selected Writing Samples

 Art & Design





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