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How-to: Write an Introductory E-mail That Gets You Hired


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One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s a pretty laid back profession.

Besides the fact that the dress code is widely open to interpretation (aka: non-existent) and 99.9% of the jobs you get are completed from the comfort of your own home, the process for getting hired can be extremely quick and easy.

In fact, the email template I’m going to share with you today is the same one I’ve used to solicit hundreds of paid blogging gigs.

And it’s unbelievably simple to duplicate.


Basic Introductory Email Template

There are two caveats to successfully using the email template below: 1) Do not lie or over-reach. It will make you look bad and result in you getting passed over or even worse, getting the job and not being able to deliver; and 2) Be sincere. Don’t say that you actually love someone’s blog if that’s not true, etc.

Hi [Editor’s Name],

I’m a huge fan of your blog. I’ve been reading it for a few months now and I’d love to get more involved. After studying [blog name] I’ve come up with a few post ideas I’d he happy write up.

Idea #1 – proposed post title and explanation

Idea #2 – proposed post title and explanation

Idea #3 – proposed post title and explanation

You can check out some examples of blog posts I’ve done in the past by clicking through to the links below:

Post link #1

Post link #2

Post link #3

Let me know what you think!


[Your Name]

Re-Use After Every Completed Assignment

Most blog editors are busy people. They don’t have time to hunt you down and beg you for more work. But you can do them and yourself a favor by tweaking the original email template above and solicit more work immediately after hitting submit on the first round of posts. Just cut out the example links and insert three more new ideas.

Your clients will love it because you’re taking initiative and saving them time and effort. And of course you will love it because you’re getting more paid work. A perfect win-win!

If you keep it up and the content you provide is consistently high in quality, many editors will go ahead and ask you to cut some type of weekly or monthly content deal. Which is nice because then you have a steady stream of work you can depend on.

Let Me Know How It Works For You

I’d love to know what happens when you use this email template to “apply” for some new blogging work. This would be a perfect match for any job posting responses you write thanks to my post last week titled 9 Job Boards Every Blogger Should Be Using (And a Few to Avoid).

Please don’t hesitate to share your story in the comments below!


Nathan B Weller


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